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Janet Woelfle: The greatest gift of all

Janet Woelfle, shown with her husband, Shaun Armour

Janet Woelfle, shown with her husband, Shaun Armour, included a gift in her estate plan to support Metropolitan State University of Denver.

By Adam Million

For Metropolitan State University of Denver alumna and retired high school art teacher Janet Woelfle, the sale of a house opened a door for future MSU Denver students in the arts to access financial support.

"It all started in Lafayette, Colorado," said Janet. "I owned and rented a small house there for several years. When it sold, I ended up making a profit."

For Janet, the sale of her property coincided shortly thereafter with her and her husband, Shaun Armour, filling out their wills. This sequence of events, along with Janet's respect for MSU Denver, and desire to help students in the arts led to her designating a portion of her estate in her will to fund an endowed scholarship.

Having taught art for 15 years at Horizon High School in Adams County School District 12, Janet has witnessed how financial support makes a tremendous impact on students pursuing their education and careers in the arts.

"What is disappointing is that there is not as much funding for art students as there should be," said Janet. "I believe the arts are as academic as anything, even though they are being marginalized by testing. Students who are artistically bent need to be working and contributing in our communities."

Her involvement in the community and experience as an educator drove Janet to stipulate that the scholarship support students pursuing careers in the arts. Janet hopes this scholarship will help inspire future students to pursue their passions and take advantage of some of the same opportunities she was provided at MSU Denver-like pursuing her B.F.A. in art while subsequently earning her teaching certification.

"I had to make my art pay," said Janet. "I needed to make a living, and I had the option of getting my B.F.A. and then going into teaching. This was a valuable opportunity for an art major."

Many students are in the same boat as Janet was, but with this planned gift and scholarship, hardworking students will one day be able to make more time for developing their talents and careers as artists instead of working long hours in industries where their passions and skills are not being fully utilized. And doing what one loves, professionally, is one of the greatest gifts.

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